23 & 24 May 2016 - Lausanne, Switzerland

Solutionize your Team - Team Coaching Workshop

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  • Have less ``whose fault is it?`` conversations and more about how we are going to move forward?
  • Focus more on the bigger picture and have less of a ``us and them`` stance?
  • Collaborate with openness and trust?
  • Create clarity about who does what & when?
  • Reach commonly agreed “vision” for each project?
  • Move from handling projects to producing extraordinary results?

Recent study of the financial performance of “100 Best” companies shows publicly traded 100 Best Companies consistently perform nearly 2x better than the general market. Leaders need tools that WORK, in order to build energised and inspired teams leading to maximized productivity. The SOLUTIONIZE YOUR TEAM workshop is an opportunity to do just that.

Utilize a powerful “strengths-based” proven methodology to design and map out together with your team, your near-term and long-term game plan.

Specifically designed for directors and senior managers as well as for HR people who support different teams within their organization as an internal coach.



Delivered in a fast-paced, interactive environment with a Train-the-Leader format that equips participants with necessary know-how to implement new learnings as of the next day.

Signature Theme

Who is in charge of the thinking?

Behind every business objective there are people who will work together to make them happen. Sometimes a business leader needs to just tell the team what needs get done, other times he/she needs to facilitate a team process and other times he/she needs to have tools to engage the team in the co-creation of the solution. We will explore this question and come up with a set of guidelines that bring clarity at to how to tackle each different situation.

Signature Theme

Better Leaders ask Better Questions

How do you craft powerful questions that make people think of solutions? Questions addressed to a team can impact the level of engagement and inspiration. We will explore the art of crafting Powerful Solution Focused Questions that empower the team and unblock potential, we will look into small details that make the difference.

Signature Theme

Set up for Success

How do you prepare the ground to make things work? Often team conversations focus on what’s wrong, on what doesn’t work and what others need to change. We will work on how to make the necessary priming, preparation and framing that will permit trust to emerge even in the most “difficult” conversations.

Signature Theme

The Future is both Created and Negotiable

How do you co-create team objectives for "soft" yet important team goals? How, as a manager team coach, one facilitates team discussion in order to agree a common desired future for a team goal? How to make constructive discussions about lack of trust? Conflict within the team or between teams? Need for more engagement? For more original thinking? We will provide specific tools we have seen work in practice, fully adapted to be used by a team leader in order to bring together different points of view and come up with a shared, co-created Future Perfect for the team.

Signature Theme

Maximize What’s There

How do you discover all available resources of your team? The team’s performance is not always a straight line. There are low times and other times when it has outperformed. How can you bring your team up at its potential? We will take you through a sequence of questions and activities that are designed to uncover and codify what are the team’s resources, and improve team member relationships.

Signature Theme

Seeing with New Eyes

How do you Energize progress beyond “boring” Action Plans? How many times has it occurred to you to have discussions about things that need get improved in the team’s way of working, people are all positive and keen to change and then nothing happens? We will show you how to translate everything said into visible next steps, how to co-create these along with your team and how to keep everybody involved.

Signature Theme

Rooting Sustainable Solutions

How do you make sure things last in the future? And then what? How is any change sustainable? How do you make sure everything doesn't evaporate and go back to “normal”? During this unit we will look into how to keep your team’s progress up and capitalize on improvements.

Signature Theme

Putting Everything Together

Now what? In this segment we will focus on each of your teams and adapt those tools for each specific case. We will practice using them in a simulation mode and we will make sure you have everything needed to put everything in practice as of the following day.



Olympia Mitsopoulou and Alan Kay, will equip you with all the tools necessary to coach your team towards a concrete co-created goal and maximisation of all available team resources.

  • Signature Theme

    Alan brings solutions-based growth and change to organizations and individuals through training and facilitating solutions dialogue that helps organizations create insights and make progress on complex issues right away

    Alan KAY
    International coach / trainer / facilitator / author
  • Signature Theme

    Olympia supports her clients’ teams maximize their productivity through improving their collaboration, their alignment, their trust, or change to a more resourceful and solution focused mindset.

    Solution Focused coach / trainer / facilitator


Designed for Managers so that it is highly practical and applicable for all time frames available (from 20 min to all day team coaching) and for all types of situations.


Get tools to move your team from individual points of view to a shared co-created team goal


Find clarity by designing quantifiable “visible” objectives for all the “soft” issues that really matter for your team’s success!


Find out what are your team’s undiscovered resources that can support the team move forward


Draft new ways of relating to each other based on what works best for each member of the team.


Make the plan real, get tools to have your team work together for the set goal.


Give meaning and inspiration to the team’s mission. Link it to the company’s purpose.



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VAT not included where applicable. Food & beverages included.



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23 and 24 May 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Route Cantonale 31, 1025 St Sulpice, Suisse

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What our clients say...

“True developmental experience ...with measurable results and positive effect on work ethic. Solution focus works!”

Solutionize your Team Workshop


Head of People Development - Eurobank

We had a great experience with Atom Wave and Olympia by attending a Team Coaching workshop. Olympia is a great facilitator who added value to our discussion and helped us to draw our vision and future strategy building a strong team spirit.

Solutionize your Team Workshop


Managing Partner - Stanton Chase Int'l

Olympia had a way of approaching each and every one of us, bridging our differences and make us feel like a team without limits!

Solutionize your Team Workshop


Marketing - Loreal

``A fresh and innovative training program! I got useful and practical tools to support newly founded teams or teams that need to re-discover their success ``ingredients``

Solutionize your Team Workshop

Mariana DEMIRI

Organization Development - Imerys

Solutionize your Team Workshop

Are you ready to maximize your team resources?

Train-the-Leader Format, not just experience the team coaching tools but learn how to use them as of the next day. Designed by professional coaches for managers who need highly practical versatile tools. Accredited with 12 hr CCE for its quality standards by the ICF (International Coach Federation). Training language is English.



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